Technical Requirements and Inspection

1. All race motorcycles must pass technical inspection prior to participating in any MiniGP event. Motorcycles need only be inspected once per event. The exception to this is motorcycles that have been black flagged for mechanical reasons or have been involved in a crash. A Tech Sticker will be placed on the front number plate of all bikes passing Tech. No motorcycle will be allowed on the track during an event without a Tech Sticker

2. The Chief Technical Inspector may at his/her discretion allow a "temporary fix" for non safety related problems for a particular race weekend. The following items will be checked during tech inspection. These items are safety related and pertain to all bikes in all classes.

  1. Throttle must return freely
  2. Working engine kill switch
  3. Bar ends to protect throttle
  4. Levers must have ball ends unless protected by hand guards
  5. Working front brakes
  6. Tires and rims in good condition
  7. No turn signals or mirrors
  8. Headlights taped or removed
  9. No tail light or tail light brackets
  10. Oil drain plug and fill cap safety wired
  11. Numbers on front (Minimum 5")
  12. Numbers on sides (Min 3")
  13. Exhaust pipe securely mounted
  14. Master link clip safety wired or secured with Permatex, etc.
  15. NO ANTI-FREEZE -- Water wetter, Engine Ice, or Liquid Performance only.
  16. No sharp edges that would be hazardous to your fellow competitors or yourself
  17. No leaking fluids. No leaking fluids. No leaking fluids.
  18. Coolant and Fuel Catch Cans – This can be a combined catch tank for both the engine coolant and fuel or two separate systems. Here are the official guidelines for the catch cans.
    • Deemed Unacceptable:
      • No Red Bull Type Cans or any other type of Soda Can of any type.
      • No flimsy and/or weak container of any kind/any material.
      • No container that would allow a significant amount of fuel to be spilled in a crash.
    • Acceptable Guidelines:
      • All hosing associated with the fuel system must be in good condition, of a proper material, and fastened securely. All fuel overflow hoses must terminate in the catch can. One-way breather vents on the gas cap will be permitted.
      • Your container should be able to withstand a substantial impact, be of a quality material, large enough and able to contain all of its contents in the event of a crash, be heat-resistant and mounted securely to your bike. Preferably in a location that would reduce and/or eliminate it's exposure to damage.
      • 8oz capacity
  19. A one way valve must be functional on dirt bike style gas caps.
  20. Last but not least...NO KNOBBIES! Only road tread tires are acceptable.

Any motorcycle not meeting these Technical Requirements WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE TRACK. Please make sure you understand all of the requirements prior to the event. Technical questions can be asked at anytime. Please do not expect the necessary items or required service to be available at the track.

*** SFLMiniGP & SCMiniGP Specific Rules***


The metals parts on your bike that can potentially hit the ground need to be protected. We can not risk losing access to tracks due to poor tech inspections and poor bike prep.

At a minimum the following is needed:

  • Axel sliders
  • Peg sliders
  • Handle bar end guards (hand guards or bar ends)

If you lay your bike over on its side and something metallic is touching the needs to be protected.

WARNING: Should it be observed by any of the track officials, flaggers, or staff that there are hard parts dragging from your race bike, you will be black flagged.