Safety Requirements

• Full leathers with armor are highly recommended for all classes. A minimum of Kevlar race suits (1 piece or zip together), heavy duty (enduro) jacket, with leather or motocross pants with armor is required. Motocross type riding apparel with knee pads (no sparking sliders) and a full chest/back protector may also be allowed if fitted properly. All children under the age of 15 yrs old are required to wear a full chest protector under their racing apparel. Examples are motocross style or Impact Armor (

• SNELL and DOT approved full-face helmet or motocross helmet are required. All helmets must be in good undamaged condition.

• Helmet face shields, eyeglasses or goggles must be made of shatterproof material. NO SUNGLASSES!

• Approved full fingered leather or Kevlar gloves in good condition, with no holes or other openings except for breathing holes.

• Road racing boots, motocross boots or leather boots that cover the rider's ankles are required.

Pit Area and Race Safety

Note: All Pits are COLD PITS. This means, no operation of any motorized vehicles of any sort in the pits.

• There will be NO ALCOHOLIC beverages allowed while bikes are on the track. This is not restricted to just the rider, but to all who attend any event. If someone is caught with an open ALCOHOLIC beverage during an event, that individual and everyone that he/she is with will be asked to leave the event.

• It is the rider’s responsibility to understand all the rules such as track entrance and exit points.

• Rough riding will not be tolerated at anytime. Please keep in mind that we are racing for fun not our lives.

• Rough riding can be penalized by the MiniGP officials at their discretion by any means, i.e. Dock Points or Position, Banning, etc…

• In the event of a crash, the rider shall try to remove himself and his motorcycle from the track if possible.

• All riders will be responsible for their crew, which includes all family and friends.

• No electronic 2-way communication devices allowed to be worn on track at anytime.  If you are caught using such device you may be asked to leave.

• No PARENT shall run onto the track at anytime! If your child falls please wait until the track has been cleared and, when SAFE, a MiniGP official will escort you to your down rider.

•  Please do NOT interfere with the care the medical staff provides to an injured rider.

• No loud cursing or obnoxious behavior will be allowed at any time during a MiniGP event. This is a FAMILY sport and MiniGP provides a FAMILY atmosphere.

  • NO SMOKING in the pit area