Rules and Regulations

This document has been created to allow current and new members to understand the basic rules, regulations and guidelines at any MiniGP event. These rules are an outline only and all racers/ members are explicitly advised that the MiniGP officials will have the final say on any situation that may arise at any event.

Classification or Riders, Classes, Points, and Series

A wide range of classes are offered by MiniGP to ensure adequate opportunities for most types of motorcycles. All of the classes, except for the MiniGP classes and spec classes, are to follow Superbike rules, which means that unlimited modifications to both the engine and chassis are allowed. The bike must only comply with the maximum allowable displacement and wheel size when applicable.

MiniGP or Third Party Inspection company can and will inspect at any time resulting in possible tear down if infractions are suspected. At the time of the inspection, the rider will be asked if there is anything deemed illegal on the motorcycle. If answered yes, the rider will be disqualified for that particular race and will receive no points. If answered no and the inspection reveals the motorcycle to be illegal, the rider will be disqualified from that race and will receive a 3 race suspension.

There are no exceptions to this procedure.

Also in addition any race participate may file a tear-down dispute on another rider's bike if they believe it to be illegal.  This must be filed with the race director within 60 min. of the bikes race completion.  At time of filing the disputing rider must pay $100 to MiniGP to be held by race direction until the tear-down is completed.  When tear-down is complete if race direction finds the bike to be illegal the $100 will be given back to the disputing rider.  If race direction finds the bike to be legal then the $100 will be given to the disputed rider to cover the costs of bike reassembly.  Multiple disputes can be filled against a single rider but only one per bike and the $100 fee must be paid per dispute.  MiniGP nor third party inspectors are responsible for rebuild damages or inconsistency with motor after tear-down.